UN Paid Volunteering Opportunities 2023-24 | Become UN Volunteer | Online – Offline


UN Paid Volunteering Opportunities 2023-24 | Become UN Volunteer | Online – Offline

United Nations online volunteer program is aimed to select skilled youth from all over the world and direct them to work for peace and sustainable development. This program provides an equal opportunity for every individual and gives them a chance to stand out and do something valuable in their lives.

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If you are inspired to take concrete action for global peace and development, take a look at the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program.

Become a volunteer from wherever you are with whatever you have. The United Nations Online Volunteering initiative gives you the chance to team up to address sustainable development challenges anywhere in the world, from any device. Volunteering online is fast, easy, and most of all, effective.

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Every year, up to 8,000 qualified and experienced women and men of some 160 different nationalities volunteer for at least six months of their lives to help others. These UN Volunteers work in some 130 countries promoting peace, responding to disasters, empowering communities, and helping to build sustainable livelihoods and lasting development.

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The United Nations Volunteers Program is open to all applicants from around the world. Undergraduates, Graduates, and Fresh Students can apply for this opportunity. The UN Volunteers Program is an Expenses Covered program. No previous work or job experience is required for this opportunity.

As a UN Volunteer, you receive a Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) which covers basic needs, housing, and utilities. Additionally, UNV will provide a settling-in-grant, life, health, and permanent disability insurance, return airfares, and a nominal resettlement allowance.

Are you ready to be a volunteer?

  • Do you have a university degree or a diploma in higher education?
  • Do you have a working knowledge of English, French, Arabic, or Spanish?
  • Is it important for you to work in a spirit of partnership and solidarity?
  • Are you motivated by and dedicated to volunteerism?
  • Are you available for short-term assignments (six to 12 months)?
  • Are you ready to serve in hardship locations? (UNV supplies 25% of all international civilian UN peacekeeping personnel and 17% of UNHCR field personnel).

Why volunteer abroad?

  • As an international UN Volunteer, you will learn about different cultures and languages, expand your networks and gain unmatched professional and life experiences.
  • Working in another country allows you to step outside your comfort zone, learn new approaches to tasks and problems, and operate in different environments.

United Nations Volunteer Program 2023-24

  • Organization: United Nations
  • No. of Volunteers: 8,000
  • Location: Globally (can be placed anywhere)
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: No

So many ways to volunteer:

  • Writing and editing (39)
  • Translation (30)
  • Teaching and training (17)
  • Art and design (16)
  • Research (14)
  • Technology development (13)
  • Project development and management (12)
  • Outreach and advocacy (12)
  • Community organizing (4)
  • Administration (4)
  • Leadership & strategy (1)
  • Event organization (1)
  • Healthcare services (1)
  • Volunteer management (1)

Online volunteering criteria and service rules

  • Online Volunteers are not under contract with the UNV program or the engaging organization and are not affiliated with either of them.
  • Furthermore, Online Volunteers do not receive any volunteer living allowances or any other kind of financial compensation or benefits.
  • For each Online Volunteering assignment, a maximum of 25 Online Volunteers can be engaged for up to 20 hours per week and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Online Volunteering: How does it work?

Non-profit organizations working for peace and development – UN agencies, governments & public institutions, and civil society organizations – register their organization details.

  • UNV reviews and approves the registration of eligible organizations.
  • Organizations complete an online form explaining what they need from online volunteers.
  • UNV provides guidance and support on how to best organize online collaboration.
  • UNV reviews the descriptions of assignments and publishes them if they meet the criteria.
  • Volunteers find assignments of their interest and apply.
  • Organizations select the volunteers they want to engage.
  • Volunteers and organizations collaborate online.
  • Volunteers and organizations provide feedback on their collaboration.
  • Organizations issue an electronic certificate of appreciation to their volunteers.

Paid United Nations Volunteer opportunity covers:

  • Travel Fares
  • A living allowance
  • A setting in grant paid at the beginning of the volunteer opportunity
  • Health, life, and disability insurance (permanent disability)
  • Annual leave
  • Resettlement allowance paid at the end of the volunteer program.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • People from around the World are eligible.
  • Work Experience in the above qualification standards.
  • 22 years old for National UN Volunteer Assignments
  • Minimum 25 years old for international UN Volunteer projects.

How to Apply for United Nations Volunteer?

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

The first step to volunteering abroad with the UN is to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements.

Step 2Register

If you meet the minimum requirements, next you will proceed to the UN volunteer login page and register your profile in the Global Talent Pool.

Step 3: Find a Volunteer Opportunity

To submit an application and become a volunteer, you simply should select a suitable volunteer opportunity from the special calls or the pools of opportunities and apply.

HintYou can find opportunities easily by checking the country/region box or simply scrolling through the list of recently posted opportunities to find the ones that suit you.

Application Deadline:  Varies

Visit the Official Website for Further Details

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