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Batterjee College of Medicine

If you want to study in Saudi Arabia, you can apply for the Batterjee College of Medicine Scholarship, which is offered to international students of different nationalities around the world who want to have the opportunity to study a ’s degree in Saudi Arabia for the academic year 2022-2023. help advance your academic and career goals by removing financial barriers in order to cover study expenses.

Batterjee College of Medical Sciences and Technology, its name in English, BMC, is a Saudi college (boys and girls) with a field of health sciences. Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. And got its accreditation from the Ministry of Education in the same year. The first batch of male and female students was received in September of 2006. In 2010, the Batterjee College of Medical Sciences and Technology won the award for the best educational project at the level of the Arab countries.

Details of the Batterjee College Scholarship

  • Host : Saudi Arabia.
  • Host : Batterjee Medical College
  • Study level: Bachelor’s
  • Deadline to apply for this scholarship: November 30th
  • Eligible Countries: Applications are accepted from all over the world. All countries are eligible. ( United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen) .

Scholarships Available

#Batterjee College Scholarships from Da Em Program

The program aims to raise the level of education and prepare specialized cadres in the medical field in line with the needs of the labor market, by alleviating the financial pressure on the family in paying school fees.

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Da Em Program Grant Funding

  • Pay 35% of the tuition fee during the study period.
  • The program is available to all nationalities.
  • Pay the remaining 65% of tuition fees after graduation in installments in a period commensurate with the years of study.

#Al-Fursan Scholarship at Batterjee College

Al Fursan scholarship is intended for students with high academic achievement and who are able to make a development in the field of community service. The value of this scholarship is up to 600,000 Saudi riyals as tuition fees for one student.

  • The candidate must be a student who has the ability to lead, work in teams, interact with others and express themselves in a positive manner.
  • The candidate must be an academically distinguished student (95% of high school results), and he must submit his previous academic degrees and certificates of excellence.
  • The candidate must have a desire to participate in community service.
  • The candidate must pass the Al Fursan test for scientific subjects, which is held in the college.
  • The candidate must pass the personal interview with the scholarship committee.

Alfursan Scholarship Funding

  • Full (100%) or partial (50% or 30%) scholarship.
  • The scholarship is available for all academic programs.
  • The scholarship is available to new students and regular students in the college.
  • The scholarship is available to all nationalities.

#Ambition Program Scholarship

Tomooh program provides the opportunity for students wishing to study for free and pay the fees after graduation in the form of installments in a period commensurate with the years of study.

Tomooh Program Scholarship Terms

  • Bring a Saudi sponsor, and the father or mother can be the sponsor if the student is Saudi.
  • Disclosure of financial obligations, if any, in the registration form
  • Salary definition letter from the guardian’s employer addressed to the college.
  • The applicant must comply with the general conditions for admission and registration.

 Tomooh Program Scholarship Funding

  • The cost during the study is 0%.
  • The program is available to all nationalities.
  • Pay the fees after graduation in the form of installments in a period commensurate with the years of study.

Available majors

# Preparatory year program

The preparatory year prepares students after graduating from secondary school so that they are able to integrate into the university environment, and avoid the negatives of the major shift in the educational process between the two stages. This year is considered an important qualitative leap that moves the student intellectually and socially from the pre-university stage to the academic study stage, which requires some kind of effort, research and creativity.

#human medicine program

The Bachelor’s Degree in Human Medicine program at Batterjee Medical College is designed to prepare care and developments to meet the challenges of the behaviors required graduates with knowledge, skills and health

# Dental program

Batterjee College of Dentistry program was established in 2007 and is fully committed to providing students with the best theoretical and clinical educational services.

# Pharmacy Program

After passing the preparatory year at Batterjee Medical College, students can enroll in the Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program, which lasts for five academic years of theoretical and practical learning. The program offers graduates the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D), after the student has successfully passed all the courses specified for him in his plan, including the final training year.

#Physiotherapy Program

The program requires four years of full-time study, plus one year of practical training (internship period). Each academic year consists of two semesters. The average duration of each semester is 15 weeks.

# Health management program

Health administration is the link between health care and . Graduates may find employment in hospitals, clinics, business offices, academic institutions, health insurance companies and some other places.

# Nursing program

The nurse takes care of three basic aspects which are physical, psychological and spiritual. If you aspire to help people through healthcare, then nursing is the field for you. Completing your studies and obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is the first step in the nursing profession.

#Occupational therapy program

The Occupational Therapy program offers a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapy is a profession that is widely recognized globally as a diverse, evidence-based health profession that meets the functional needs of society.

# Radiology Science Program

Radiology of all kinds is the main focus in the medical diagnosis process for patients, as is called the “eye of medicine” through which specialists can look into the expert’s eye inside the human body with high accuracy, and thus the ability to assess the general condition of the patient, make a proper diagnosis for him, and guide the doctor Therapist for the appropriate treatment method.

Documents required

  • A copy of your passport or national ID
  • Copies of academic transcripts.
  • statement of purpose
  • motivation letter
  • recommendation Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • School/University Marks Statement
  • Training certificates (if any)
  • English language certificates such as TOEFL or are required to register at the university.

How to apply for the Batterjee College of Medicine Scholarship

Apply online by clicking the

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