UNAIDS Internship 2023 | Fully Funded Internship


UNAIDS Internship 2023 | Fully Funded Internship

Getting a job in the UN is a dream for many people, as a UN job is an amazing chance to grow both professionally and personally while getting priceless experience.

Working for the UN, one should expect working in a team of international experts, competitive salaries, and great career opportunities. So, let’s have a more detailed look at job types offered by the UN and clarify how to become a part of this powerful organization.

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UNAIDS Internship 2023 is now open for applications. Interested applicants from around the globe, and especially UN member countries are invited to apply.

The internship opportunity which lasts for 2 to 6 months is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as fresh graduates (Bachelor, master’s and even PhD holders).

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UNAIDS Internship 2023 is now accepting applications. All interested applicants from around the globe, including UN members, are invited to submit applications. Graduate and undergraduate students as well as new graduates (Bachelor Masters or Doctoral holders) are all encouraged to submit an internship application lasting from 2-6 months for consideration.

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So, if you can work effectively in teams and have innovative ideas, take a step forward to working with the UNAIDS. It is further cosponsored by renowned 11 other organizations including UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO, WFP, UNDP, UNODC, UN Women, UNFPA, ILO, WHO and the World Bank.

As such, UNAIDS offer internship to involve the next generation in valuing its norms. Further, the internship aims to provide an inside look at the workings of UNAIDS. Moreover, the intern will require to execute responsibilities provided by the respective Supervisor and reflected in the Terms of Reference.

UNAIDS focuses on providing strategic direction, coordination, advocacy, technical support and life-saving services to communities, government and private sectors that help them achieve better and HIV-safe lives. Therefore, they have taken the initiative to train young and career-oriented individuals to lead the world in achieving a shared vision of zero HIV infections, deaths, and discrimination.

UNAIDS Internship Program 2023 Details

  • Table of Contents
  • Country: Multiple regions
  • Host: UNAIDS
  • Degree level: Bachelors/Masters/PhD/students
  • Type: Paid
  • Deadline: 31st December 2023.

How to Start the UN Career

If you love our planet and people and are eager to change the world for better, you will certainly find an ideal job for yourself in the UN. This organization is a huge employer, offering numerous career opportunities not only for experienced professionals but also for those who are just looking for a dream job.

  • Prepare. The best way to start is to browse the United Nations official website to get a better understanding of what you are offered.
  • Choose the staff category. As we have already mentioned, there are several staff categories to choose from. So, the next step is choosing the category.
  • Make sure you have enough experience and qualification for the position chosen. Understandably, each position has a set of requirements you should meet for your application to be considered.
  • Register an account. Having selected a job, you should proceed to the next step – registration.
  • Choose a job and apply. Think twice whether you meet all the requirements not to waste your time for nothing.
  • Wait for an interview invitation. Having applied for a job (or several), all you have to do is wait.

UNAIDS Internship Benefits

  • The UNAIDS Internship program benefits students and professionals who wish to do something better for society and are related to the field of HIV epidemiology.
  • The internship may also provide a stipend to only those individuals who have not already received any other financial support.
  • The stipend will be enough to fund living expenses. It is a great opportunity for individuals to work with the experts of UNAIDS and other leading organizations.

How to apply for the UNAIDS Internship?

To apply for the UNAIDS internship program, candidates will require to complete and submit the online application form. Moreover, candidates should also provide required documentation which includes:

  • Proof of College enrollment
  • A CV
  • A Cover Letter
  • Letter of Reference
  • Other relevant documents

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the UNAIDS Internship Program, all candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

  • All individuals must belong to a UNAIDS/WHO member state.
  • All individuals must be at least 20 years old.
  • All individuals must know at least one of the UNAIDS/WHO official languages.
  • All individuals must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degree program at a recognized educational institution.
  • All individuals must be able to apply their knowledge and skills to the job.
  • All individuals must be able to work effectively in teams.

Application Procedure for UNAIDS Internship 2023:

  • Please visit UNAIDS’ e-Recruitment site at: https://erecruit.unaids.org to review and apply for positions online application procedures are explained; particularly persons living with HIV are welcome.
  • Female applicants and those belonging to countries not currently represented in academia are especially sought after.

To apply for the open internship programs at UNAIDS, all individuals must visit the official careers website of UNAIDS and check the positions.

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